Children At Home With God – Part 2 of 4

Jesus Blessing the Children by Bernhard Plockhorst

Father Cassilly writes: “How ungrateful we have been, straying so often from [God’s] love and counsels, and placing our happiness in objects outside of Him! Perhaps, even, we have acted the prodigal’s part, and gone into the far-off country of sin; and, when we returned with bleeding feet and naked back, we found Him waiting for us at the turn of the road, to welcome us with outstretched arms and the kiss of reconciliation.”

“Home is a place of protection and safety. In the presence of danger the child runs to the paternal arms as naturally as the chickens to the wings of the parent hen when the threatening hawk circles in the sky. And in this life the child of God is ever exposed to a multiplicity of dangers. The siren voice of pleasure is ever striving to lure it to destruction, the world tries to seduce it with false and fatal charms, the flesh too is always claiming more than its due and rising against the spirit, while the prince of darkness and the noonday devil are watching for point of vantage. But the child who abides in its Father’s home is panoplied with triple armor from which the arrows of temptation fall harmless.”

“When Solomon succeeded to his kingdom, he complained in prayer that he was but a child in wisdom and knew not even ‘how to go out and come in’ (1 Kgs 3:7). He thus in his humility compared himself to an infant, for it is a very small child indeed who knows not how to leave and enter the house. The child claims as its birthright the freedom of the home, it goes in and out at pleasure. A stranger cannot enter, or visit the master, without complying with certain formalities. He must at least knock, and bide the invitation to enter. . . . But the child throws ceremony to the winds, never imagining its presence to be intrusive or undesired; it runs to its parents in every difficulty, making known its wants and prattling away all the happenings of its little world.”

“This should be the attitude of God’s child. It should never be out of His sight. At every hour of the day and night it has access to Him, in direst need or trivial want, and there is but little formality between them. . . . The true child of its Heavenly Father lives ever in His presence, takes not a step, begins no work or plan, without first consulting Him.”

Quotations from Francis Cassilly, A Story of Love, 2d ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1917).

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