God Ever Present to Us

Good Shepherd by Bernhard Plockhorst

Father Cassilly reflects upon God’s abiding presence in all His gifts.

“Each moment of the continued existence of creatures is, as it were, a new creation. For, to conserve in being things which of themselves constantly tend to nothingness requires the same Almighty Power that brought them first into existence. . . . Small, insignificant though I be, mine is the happy lot of being destined ever to be borne up on the bosom, encircled by the arm, of Omnipotence itself.”

“And from the dogma of God’s omnipresence follow many consoling reflections. From it I learn that my Creator is never absent one moment from me during my long progress from the cradle to the grave. . . . More tenderly than the most devoted of mothers, He watches and guards me sleeping and waking.” He Himself accompanies every gift of His love to me, for “it is as impossible for Him to be absent from His gift as from me.”

“The Creator is ever working for me. . . . Every kind ministration of my father or mother was equally His. He built the house that shelters me far more truly than the carpenters and masons who labored on it, and so He was my mason and builder. He plants and waters and reaps the grain, grinds it in the mill, and brings the flour to my door. He lights the fire, sets the water to boil and cooks my meals, and when all is ready He sets the table and serves the dishes.”

But, how can He do all this without burden and weariness? “It is love that drives Him on, and love never wearies of well-doing. We tire of protracted toil, become heart-sick and weary in the treadmill of duty, our muscles ache and our brain becomes fagged, and rest we must have. But God never wearies of action. To work, to act is His nature and essence, and He cannot rest. Inaction is to Him impossible.”

“Since God then never lets me out of His sight, how can I ever forget His presence? Since He is ever working, doing for me, how shall I ever perform any action which is not directed to Him? True friendship is never content away from the object of its love, and can I, whom God cannot bear to part from for a moment, be happy for one moment pursuing creature loves, unmindful of my one true friend? And every act of which I am capable with mind, heart or hand, should be done for Him in return, for the true lover cannot think of or love anything but his beloved.”

Quotations from Francis Cassilly, A Story of Love, 2d ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1917).

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