God Ever Working for Us

St John the Silent

Father Cassilly observes: “God is ever working for me. . . . All created entity must come from and depend on God. Without Him there can be nothing. The moment any being or entity existed independent of or apart from God, it would cease to be a creature. And each action in the universe, whether proceeding from highest angel or lowly atom, has an entity of its own, it is something, and as such must depend on God.”

“Nothing is inactive. Work, energy is the price of being. In midwinter, when nature seems a dead and frozen thing, wrapped in its winding sheet of snow, when no leaf or flower can be seen, action does not cease, it but seems to pause. The current of plant life is but sluggish in its channels, there is still sap within the branches, and the dormant buds are but waiting for the first breath of spring to leap into renewed life. And deep within the ground, below the frost line, the chemical forces are at work in the roots, preparing for the intense burst of summer activity. Nature sleeps, but sleep is only quieter action. Entire cessation of action is death. The more intense, higher and nobler the mode of action, the nearer it approaches Infinite Action, which knows no pause nor rest.”

“There can then be no being or action of being which is not dependent on God in its inception and continuance. The sun shines, and the action of shining proceeds from the sun, which has energy of its own, but, for the exercise of that energy God’s concurrence is absolutely necessary.”

Blessed Virgin Mary as a Child With St Joachim and St Anne

“We learned in childhood days that God, by virtue of His immensity, is everywhere. Nothing created is remote from Him. Beyond Him, out of His sight, there is nothing. In remotest planet, in the last grain of stardust whirling on the confines of space, in depths of ocean, wherever there is created being, there must dwell the Increate. Nothing that He has made escapes Him, is forgotten, deserted or abandoned, for in the moment that He forgot or forsook it it would perish, reverting to its original nothingness. It is the weakness or privilege of man to forget, but not of the Creator.”

Quotations from Francis Cassilly, A Story of Love, 2d ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1917).

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