God’s Love Bursting Forth

Christ Pantocrator by Elias Moskos

Father Cassilly continues his enumeration of God’s gifts to us. He writes: “Infinite Love was not content to rest in self. It must body forth created beings, manifestations of itself, to which it would communicate, according to their nature, the perfections and charms of which they were capable. So God spoke, and a void and empty earth came into existence.”

“The Creator moulded the rock-ribbed earth, divided the seas from the land, planted the green herbs and gave them seeds to propagate themselves. He made the fishes and taught them the pathways of the deep. He fashioned the animals, those that now exist, as well as those of extinct races whose huge frames found under glaciers or in alluvial deposits.”

“Then man was created from the slime of the earth and a living soul breathed into him. And what was first in the intention of God came last into being. And the long march of the nations began. They went forth and covered the earth, conquered the wilderness and built cities—they chained the lightning and harnessed the ocean. Men used creation for their own purposes, leveling the mountains, filling the valleys, bridging the rivers. They beat down the great highways of travel, laid out paths upon the sea, tunneled the mountains, flew above the clouds and sailed under the waters; bound countries together with bands of steel, and taught invisible messengers to carry thought and voice around the earth.”

“And in the duly appointed time, I appeared upon the earth; I perceived myself amongst the sons and daughters of men, in a civilization grown old in the ages. And what is this marvelous gift that dawns upon me? I can know and understand, myself as well as other things. I perceive myself to be a being, self-possessed, independent, with power of life and motion, and ability to say, ‘I am, I exist, I have a being distinct from all other beings.’ Truly a Godlike attribute.”

“Who can give to non-being being and consciousness? None but the infinite Creator. And so I am an imitation, a projection of Infinite Being, the production of His omnipotence, a created, lighted spark coming from the unlighted ever-burning sun of Eternal Being.”

Quotations from Francis Cassilly, A Story of Love, 2d ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1917).

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