God’s Gifts to Us

Distribution of Five Loaves and Fishes by Master of the Legend of Saint Catherine

Father Cassilly tells us: “Friendship can never cease to give or at least to desire to give. Presents and tokens of some kind ever accompany it. . . . A friend delights to give, to bestow tokens of love.” Where do we find God’s gifts to us? Here and in the next three posts, we shall enumerate a few of them.

“Everywhere, in the broad bands of sunlight that lie upon the fields by day, or steal in reflected beams from the moon by night, in the long wake of the rising or setting sun that breaks across the waters into a million sparkling diamonds. There is love divine in the dew drop, in the sheets of rain and hail that drive before the northern blast, in the swelling mountain and soaring peak, in the winds that career in wild freedom over the moor, and the southern gales that blow from perfumed grove and garden—in the glory and promise of morning as well as in the calm and fulfillment of eve.”

“All about us lies a fascinating creation, myriad in its variety, wondrous in its unity. . . . And sun and stars, land and sea, wind and rain, all are ministering to the many needs of man. Light and heat, ice and snow and air are all busy, through a never-ending cycle, working for us, producing from the soil rich vegetation, grains and grasses, and enabling the flocks and herds to cover field and prairie. Creation is now as in the beginning, a love song of the Most High. Its harmonies are never stilled. Light, color and shade, sound and silence, time, space and action blend together in one unending refrain of love with unnumbered variations. The rustling of the leaves, the roll of ocean, the shriek of the storm, the wild dance of the blizzard, are all only different rhythms and movements of the same symphony.”

“And why this vast outlay of power and tireless energy through countless ages? It is all the gift of God’s love. Nothing but love could make Him call forth from nothingness.”

Quotations from Francis Cassilly, A Story of Love, 2d ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1917).

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