Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer – Part 2 of 12

Transfiguration by Raphael

Continued here are Father Schouppe’s meditations on the Lord’s Prayer, based on the second manner of prayer taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

“Who art in heaven”

“Oh! the greatness of our Father: He is the King of heaven, before whom the whole universe bends.”

“God is everywhere, but He is in heaven in an especial manner: it is there He manifests his glory to the elect.”

“The entire universe is his domain. He is there present much more than any earthly king in all the extent of his dominions: ‘For in Him we live, and move, and have our being’ (Acts 17:28). Like the kings of this world, God has a palace, a court, a throne: Heaven is the throne of God; the earth is his footstool (Matt 5:34-35).”

“Heaven is an abode of glory and happiness, and its magnificence is worthy of the great Monarch who dwells there. Its immensity and its splendour surpass all conception.”

“Heaven is properly the abode of God: it is there He dwells with all his angels and saints, like a father with his children; it is there that He discovers to them all his treasures and makes them sharers of all his goods.”

“If our Father makes heaven his habitation, we ought to go and dwell there with Him, since children should live in their father’s house.”

“He makes us raise our eyes to heaven, to make us understand that there is our true country, and that we are only exiles, travellers on earth.”

“He makes us raise our eyes to heaven to fix them on our final destiny. We are made for heaven and not for earth.”

“He makes us raise our eyes to heaven, that we may desire only the goods of heaven and those which lead there.”

“He makes us raise our eyes to heaven, in order that we may attach our hearts to this our true country, where is to be found solid happiness.”

“All men are called there; heaven has been opened to them by the cross of Jesus Christ. All may enter, but all do not enter . . . Ought I not at any price secure heaven and save myself from hell?”

Quotations from Francois Xavier Schouppe, An Easy Method of Meditation (Dublin: M. H. Gill and Son, 1883).

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