St Francis of Assisi, Vision of the Flaming Chariot by Giotto di Bondone

Here is advice from Franciscan saints on having confidence in God:

St. Francis of Assisi urges us to have faith in God: “No one ought, by a foolish self-confidence, to take pride in what is within the reach of every sinner. A sinner can fast, pray, weep, mortify his flesh; but there is one thing he cannot do—be faithful to God.”

Likewise, St. Joseph of Cupertino says: “In all temptations, whatever kind they may be, mistrust yourself; cast a look at the crucifix, confide in God, and take courage; God will be faithful to you if you are faithful to Him.”

St. Joseph adds: “Preserve a filial confidence in God, and pray without ceasing. Even he whose prayers are not answered has the merit of having prayed. Thus each one comes from prayer enriched with God’s graces.”

St Paschal Baylon

St. Pascal Baylon says of confidence in prayer: “God being willing to give us all we want, we ought always to pray with entire confidence. God waits for us to ask Him, and even inspires us to ask for His help.”

St. Catherine of Bologna insists: “We must confide in God, with the hope that He will deign to give us the abundance of His divine grace, by which we shall obtain a complete victory over our enemies, knowing that He never abandons those who trust in Him.”

St Francis of Assisi, Death and Ascension by Giotto di Bondone

When St. Francis was dying, he said this to the friars about him: “Always remain and persevere in the fear of God. And because trouble and temptation approach, happy are those who shall persevere to the end in the work they have undertaken. As for me, I am going to God, to Whose care I confide you.”

Quotations from Flowers from the Garden of Saint Francis for Every Day of the Year (London: Burns and Oates, 1882).

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