As Tomorrow Becomes Today

Marriage of Cana by Master of the Legend of Saint Catherine

St. Francis de Sales gives the following advice to those who worry excessively about what tomorrow will bring:

“Have no care for the morrow; think only of doing well to-day, and when to-morrow shall have become to-day then we shall think about it. We must make a provision of manna for each day only; and let us not be afraid that God will fail to send down more upon us to-morrow and the day after to-morrow, and every day of our pilgrimage.”

“A true servant of God has no care for the morrow; he performs faithfully what is required of him to-day, and to-morrow he will do what is required of him without a word.”

Notice the reason for this calmness amidst the duties of life. It flows from a genuine trust in God’s abiding care for each of His beloved children, a certainty in Divine Providence, an unshakable confidence in the infinite love of an Almighty Father:

“God has preserved you so far; only keep yourself faithful to the law of His providence and He will assist you at all times, and where you cannot walk He will carry you.”

“Do not think of what may happen you to-morrow, for the same eternal Father who cares for you to-day will care for you to-morrow and always; either He will not send you trouble, or, if He does, He will give you invincible courage to bear it.”

“Under all circumstances, be invariable in the resolution to adhere with great simplicity and unity to God, by a perfectly trustful love, abandoning yourself to the mercy of love and the paternal care which His Providence has of you.”

“The child can never perish who remains in the arms of a Father who is almighty.”

Quotations from Maxims and Counsels of St. Francis de Sales, translated by Ella McMahon (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1884).

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