Saints Throughout History

Coronation of the Virgin by Neri di Bicci

Father Benson declares: “No person born of human parents has exercised and exercises such an influence on the human race as Mary, the Mother of our Lord. . . . Her name runs through Christian history as inextricably as the Holy Name of Jesus itself. There is not a circumstance in life, not a situation, not a crisis—we might almost say, not a joy or sorrow—in which, at one time or another, Mary has not been called to take a part.”

History attests to the fact that “where Mary is loved, Jesus is adored; where Mary, the Mother of His Humanity, is despised or slighted, the light of His Divinity goes out.” And, “what is true of Mary is true also of the saints—that wherever Jesus Christ is adored as God, there, like flowers from the earth, His friends spring up in their thousands; that where His Divinity is doubted or denied, the tide of the supernatural sinks with it.”

“To seek to separate Christ from His friends, to banish the Queen Mother from the steps of Her Son’s throne, lest she should receive too much love or homage—this is a strange way to seek the Friendship of Him who is their All!”

“We see, circle by circle, in the splendour of Catholic faith and practice, new modes radiating out on every side in which we may learn to love our Lord. For He is present in them all, though in each in its own way, as the light of the sun is present in the midday blaze, in the tender lights of dawn, in the pool of water, in the tawny glory of a sunset, in the silver of the moon and the colour of the flower. . . . There is no glory or grace anywhere that is not His, no perfection that is not relative to His Absoluteness; . . . once escape from that modern spirit of rationalizing away His Deity in the hope of seeing His Humanity; and, behold! we find Him everywhere; we fear nothing except that which separates us from Him.”

Quotations from Robert Hugh Benson, The Friendship of Christ (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1912).

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