Now Is the Time

St Rose of Viterbo by Teresa de Saldanha

Father Frassinetti states that if one wishes to arrive at Christian perfection, one should “desire much and ardently its attainment.” He cautions: “Do not fancy that it is pride which moves you to desire perfect sanctity. . . . It is not pride; it is the good will to do that which God wills us to do; . . . His Will is our sanctification.”

“Take heed that this desire be not an irresolute desire, like the vague aspirations of many who would gladly become saints, yet never make up their minds to do so. ‘These souls feed themselves on an empty desire,’ says St. Alphonsus, ‘but never try to make one step forward on the road to God.'”

“This resolute desire must be immediately put into execution, and not deferred ever so little. Do you not perceive how short is the period of our lives? Have we so much more time remaining, that we can afford to throw it away in useless delays and procrastinations? . . . Possibly less time remains to you than you imagine.”

“Besides, is not Christian perfection a treasure of beauty, and of infinite value? And why should you delay in endeavouring to acquire such a treasure? Where would you find a merchant so mad as to put off for weeks, months, or years, a lucrative stroke of business which would bring him in a hundred thousand pounds? . . . Desire, then, with a true determination to become a saint, and begin immediately without any delay whatsoever, little or great.”

“In order to put this holy desire into practice immediately, make an entire offering of yourself to God. ‘My God,’ say to Him, with all your heart, ‘I put myself and all I have into Thy hands, so that Thou mayest do with me what Thou willest, so that Thou mayest do with me according as it shall seem good to Thee, and in the manner Thou willest. What I hope for and desire from Thy goodness is that Thou wouldst make me holy as Thou desirest me to be, so that I may serve Thee with all perfection.'”

“However sinful and evil-doing the soul may have been, God cannot do otherwise than receive and bless her; nor can He refuse any of the graces necessary to make her holy.”

Quotations from Joseph Frassinetti, The Consolation of the Devout Soul, trans. Georgiana Lady Chatterton (London: Burns and Oates, 1876).

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