Our Daily Bread

“God, who has given Himself to us as a Father, who has adopted us as His children, who has made us the heirs of His possessions, distinguished us with His Name, honoured us with His glory and His kingdom, wills also that we ask of Him our daily bread. But what bread is this? The heavenly Father can demand of His children to ask only a heavenly Bread, and this Bread is the Son of God, who says of Himself: ‘I am the Living Bread,’ which laid upon the altars is daily offered to the faithful as a heavenly food. The first duty of a parent is the nourishment of his children; but what mortal mind can comprehend the liberality of Thy love towards Thy children, O God? Oh love that no mother could have imagined!”

“It was naturally becoming that, God being greater than man, the food prepared for His children should correspond with the greatness of their heavenly Father. Therefore God would place no limits to His love; He would pour out all the treasures of His omnipotence, and give His children the most precious of these treasures for their eternal banquet, which is Himself.”

“But if this nourishment is so precious, we may judge from it the value of the life of grace which is maintained by it, and the greatness of that dignity that merits it. If our body receives the Blood of Christ, is not that a sign that our soul, too, in regeneration is filled through grace with a Divine life and possesses a Divine nobility? If our body is united to the substance of the Body of Christ, is not this a pledge that by grace we have been made partakers of the Divine Nature?”

“Oh, if we had a lively faith; how highly we should esteem the life of grace which is worthy of such food! And with what loving desire we should approach this heavenly banquet, which makes us partakers of the Divine Nature and fills us with Divine life.”

“How great, God, must be that dignity which Thou hast granted us by the grace of sonship, by which we deserve to obtain such a Bread!”

“‘Grant, O Lord,’ let us say with St. Bonaventure, ‘that we may always hunger after Thee, the food of Angels, the refreshment of holy souls.'”

Quotations from Alice Lady Lovat, The Marvels of Divine Grace: Meditations Based on the “Glories of Divine Grace” (Original Treatise by Fr. Nieremberg, S.J., Entitled “Del Aprecio y Estima de la Divina Gracia”) (London: R. & T. Washbourne, Ltd., 1917).

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