Our Spiritual Wants

Father Girardey lists the primary needs or wants of the human soul. They are “the forgiveness of our sins and all that is required to obtain it; grace to avoid sin and its occasions, to overcome temptations, to correct our habitual faults and resist our evil inclinations, to keep the commandments, to fulfil the duties of our state or position in life, to bear patiently our crosses, trials, hardships and sufferings, to make the necessary sacrifices our duties demand of us and to persevere until death in the grace and friendship of God.”

“As to those who have not yet entered a state of life, they need light to know to which state God calls them and for which He has fitted them to enable them to save their souls, and also the strength to follow the path God has marked out for them to reach the place He has destined for them in heaven. Those who fail to enter the state of life to which God calls them, and for which He has fitted them, expose the salvation of their souls to great risks.”

Moreover, one ought to prayerfully consider the duties of one’s vocation. For example, “one of the principal duties of those who are called to the married state is to choose their partner in life in accordance with the laws of God and His Church and the dictates, not of caprice, fashion or passion, but of sound reason enlightened by faith. These important matters should be the object of their earnest prayers.”

“God wills our salvation, for St. Paul says: ‘God willeth all men to be saved’ (1 Tim 2:4).” He is “ever willing and ready to help us to do all that is necessary for our salvation, if we only ask Him for His assistance. . . . He who earnestly desires to save his soul, willingly does all in his power to succeed, and by frequent and fervent prayer asks God to help him with His all-powerful grace, and he will surely succeed. God in His goodness has His hand always stretched out to us to help us along the precipices in our road to heaven; to keep ourselves from a fatal fall into the abyss below, we have only to take hold of God’s hand and be saved. . . . We can take hold of God’s almighty hand by prayer.”

Quotations from Ferreol Girardey, Prayer: Its Necessity, Its Power, Its Conditions (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1916).

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