Gratuitous Graces

Father Geiermann discusses the seven gratuitous graces listed in First Corinthians 12:9-10. They are faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

“God gives two kinds of grace to man: one to make man pleasing in His sight, the other to aid him in bringing souls to Him. The former we have considered as divided into sanctifying and actual grace. We shall now add a few words of explanation on the latter, which is called ‘grace gratuitously given.'”

“Man can become the instrument of his neighbor’s conversion by enlightening his mind on the truth, and by persuading his will to embrace it. To accomplish both successfully he must possess three qualifications: the necessary knowledge, the faculty of communication, and the power of persuasion. In the natural order man can acquire these qualifications by a proper cultivation of his talents.”

“In the supernatural order, besides the stimulating influence of His grace accompanying their words, God always gives His agents the gifts of faith and science to perfect their knowledge, the gifts of understanding and counsel to perfect their faculty of communication, and the gift of wisdom to perfect their power of persuasion. When extraordinary circumstances require it, God perfects the knowledge of His agents by visions, inspirations, and revelations, their faculty of communication by the gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation, and their power of persuasion by the gifts of the discernment of spirits, of prophecy, and of miracles.”

“As nearly every soul that attains a high degree of union with God is instrumental in bringing other souls to God, the saints are usually favored with one or more of these graces.”

Quotations from Peter Geiermann, The Narrow Way (New York: Benziger, 1914).

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