Union with God: Object and Motive

Father Geiermann states that a human person’s union with God is “an active, intelligent, free, personal union.” Moreover, “according to this plan God does not debase Himself to the level of sinful man, but man, aided by God and guided by His Church, rises above himself.” In the following, he discusses the object of our union with God and the motive which impels us to seek that union.

The object of our union with God is our happiness. He writes: “The reason which prompts us to seek an active union with God is happiness. God created us for happiness, and implanted in our hearts a longing for an endless possession of an infinite good. St. Augustine voiced this universal longing of mankind when he said: ‘Thou hast created me for Thee, O God, and my heart will never rest until it rest in Thee.’ The human mind wants truth; in God it finds Truth itself and the Author of all truth. The human will longs for the enjoyment of what is good; in God it finds the infinite Good and the Source of all goodness. The human heart longs to love and to be loved; in God it finds that infinite Love, who has loved us with an everlasting love, and who pleads for our love: ‘My son,’ He says, ‘give Me thy heart’ (Prov 23:26). Lastly, our life is necessarily an onward motion. If we are not to drift aimlessly, we must direct it to a definite end. In God we have the final end of our existence.”

The motive of our union with God is love. “As the fear of the Lord is the principal motive power in self-denial, and the hope of reward in the practice of virtue, so love for God is the motive which impels us to union with Him. By love we embrace Him as the infinite Good or sum-total of all perfection. This love is nourished by contemplating God’s perfections in themselves and His goodness, love, and mercy, towards us. It prompts us (1) to learn God more and more that we may esteem Him adequately; (2) to cling to Him as the greatest good; (3) to do His holy will in all things; (4) to seek our spiritual advancement to please Him and to become like to Him; (5) to endure all things for love of Him; (6) and to do all we can to make God known and loved by all mankind.”

Quotations from Peter Geiermann, The Narrow Way (New York: Benziger, 1914).

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