Beyond Earth

In this brief meditation, Father Girardey compares heaven and earth, and ponders the magnificent blessings in the life to come.

“O Heaven, O Paradise, Abode of delights ineffable! where my heavenly Father has prepared near Him a special place for me; where I shall forever behold face to face Him, who is infinite Beauty, and where I shall always love Him and be most tenderly beloved by Him. O beautiful Heaven, where I shall forever be perfectly happy, participating in God’s own happiness; where I shall be free from all sin, from all sorrow and suffering, and shall enjoy in glory beyond all conception a perpetual feast with all the heavenly host and the saints of God. When will it be granted to me clearly to see what I believe, to find what I seek, to possess forever what I love? O Heaven, dear object of my expectation!”

“Here on earth everything becomes bitter to me, wearies and worries me; and yet when I turn my thoughts to my place in heaven, all this becomes my consolation, my hope, my joy, because I perceive that all this is necessary to enable me to deserve and secure my place in heaven. Whatever is transitory shall soon pass from me, all sufferings shall end, all pain shall cease, all anguish and bitterness shall disappear, all darkness shall be dissipated, and then I shall for all eternity occupy my place in the beautiful, bright and glorious Heaven. O short trials and crosses, strenuous efforts and hardships, pleasant thorns along the way, precious exile, salutary disappointments and bitterness of this life, how dear you are to me, for you enable me to merit and secure my place in Heaven!”

“What is the earth to me, and all it contains, its goods, its honors, its pleasures! What are to me the esteem, admiration and affection of worldlings! I will, I seek, I desire but one thing, which surpasses all earthly goods and combines all real and lasting goods! I desire, I long to obtain my place in Heaven, where I shall find God, my Father, where I shall behold my God face to face; where I shall possess my God, forever love Him and be loved by Him!”

Quotations from Ferreol Girardey, Prayer: Its Necessity, Its Power, Its Conditions (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1916).

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