Pleasing God

Father Frassinetti writes: “Possibly you imagine that the greatest difficulty of all is having to seek in all things that which is most pleasing to God. It appears to you that the burden of this constant attention must keep you in perpetual solicitude and distress. . . . But here again there is a great mistake. It is not at all required of us that we should try to find out what is most pleasing to God in everything whatsoever.”

“Let those souls that are given to such minutiae attend to the maxims of St. Francis of Sales: ‘It is not usual to weigh small coin, but only money of greater value. Buying and selling would be too tiresome, and would take up too much time, if we were obliged to weigh the farthings, the pence, and other small money. In like manner, we ought not to weigh all our minute actions, to try whether one is worth more than another.'”

“Simplicity and freedom of soul is necessary in all things. Perfection requires us to do those things which we clearly know to be most agreeable to God; for, according to the doctrine of St. Thomas, we cannot be bound to fulfil the Divine Will except so far as it is manifested to us; and in this there can be neither distress nor confusion.”

“Nothing is wanted but an ardent love of God, and then all is accomplished. . . . What is done for love and lovingly is done with freedom and cheerfulness. Try to be a little more earnest in the love of God, and then you will see that, instead of finding trouble and anxiety in endeavouring to do that which is most pleasing to Him, you will find great peace and much sweet satisfaction.”

“Divine love will enlighten you to know the good pleasure of God in many things that would be obscure to others; for Divine love is a fire which inflames us to act with quickness and fervour; and is also a light to illuminate us, so that we can see clearly what we ought to do.”

Quotations from Joseph Frassinetti, The Consolation of the Devout Soul, trans. Georgiana Lady Chatterton (London: Burns and Oates, 1876).

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