The Golden Circle of Supernatural Charity

“‘Now there remain faith, hope, and charity; and the greatest of these is charity’ (1 Cor 13:13). It is the greatest because it is the complement and perfection of faith and hope; for by charity we embrace the highest good which we know by faith, by charity we are united on earth with that which is the object of our hope in heaven.”

“We may possess the faith and hope of the children of God, without being in a state of grace. But when charity is infused into our soul, then the Holy Ghost is likewise given us; and He comes not only to enrich us with His grace, but to dwell in us and consecrate our soul as His temple.”

“This supernatural charity therefore is as great a gift as sanctifying grace itself. As God unites Himself in a supernatural manner to our soul by grace, so we unite ourselves by supernatural love in a mysterious but very real manner with God, and thus complete that golden circle which embraces God and the creature. . . . In grace He loves us with a paternal love in His only begotten Son, and so we must by grace embrace Him with filial love.”

“Love in general is the cause of all that is sweetest and most blessed in our relations with God or with creatures; its very name is synonymous with consolation and happiness. Our heart has been created for the enjoyment of love, and it desires nothing more than to find a worthy object of love with which to unite itself.”

“O human heart, lonely and sad heart that will always love and yet is never satisfied with love! How canst thou remain closed against this grace of Divine love, which alone will satisfy all thy cravings, and fill thee with the torrent of the pleasure of thy God? When thy Lord approaches thee with such love, how canst thou refuse to complete that golden circle which will fasten Himself to thee and thee to Him! Oh, if thou didst know the gift of God, like the Samaritan woman thou wouldst ask the Saviour for the living water, which having tasted of thou wouldst never thirst again.”

Quotations from Alice Lady Lovat, The Marvels of Divine Grace: Meditations Based on the “Glories of Divine Grace” (Original Treatise by Fr. Nieremberg, S.J., Entitled “Del Aprecio y Estima de la Divina Gracia”) (London: R. & T. Washbourne, Ltd., 1917).

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