Divine Grace: The Pearl of Great Price

“It did not satisfy Christ merely to take upon Himself our nature and die for us; for thirty-three years He laboured and suffered for us. All His actions had an infinite value; accordingly, by one drop of His precious blood, one action of His, He might have merited grace again for us. But, to make us fully aware of the infinite value of grace, He would show that even a God-man could not do and suffer too much for it. Therefore He suffered all that man could suffer: He fasted forty days; He endured His agony in the Garden, the scourging at the pillar, the torments of the Cross, in order to raise us to the throne of grace and fill us with Divine life.”

“In the light of our Saviour’s toils and anguish, should we not understand that all sacrifices we are called upon to make for the sake of grace are nothing compared to its infinite value?”

“What limit should there be, accordingly, to our gratitude to Him for having earned for us what we could not possibly have earned for ourselves, and what is of such priceless value to us?”

“Not satisfied with being born for us in the stable of Bethlehem, He comes again daily in ten thousand churches all over the world, at the word of the priest, to give Himself to all who ask to receive Him. His love induces Him to expose Himself to the insults of the irreligious who receive Him sacrilegiously, and the neglect of the indifferent and lukewarm; and thus He again proves that there is no sacrifice He is not willing to make to increase Divine grace in the souls of the children of men. The words of the Apostle put these great truths before us in the most forcible terms: ‘Know you not that you are not your own? For you are bought at a great price. Glorify and bear God in your body.’ (1 Cor 6:19-20)”

“Grace is the pearl of great price, and, like the man in the parable, we should willingly part with all we possess, and even submit to every earthly trial which can befall us, rather than part with it.”

Quotations from Alice Lady Lovat, The Marvels of Divine Grace: Meditations Based on the “Glories of Divine Grace” (Original Treatise by Fr. Nieremberg, S.J., Entitled “Del Aprecio y Estima de la Divina Gracia”) (London: R. & T. Washbourne, Ltd., 1917).

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