To Lay Up Treasures in Heaven

“Grace enables the soul to raise itself far above its natural limitations, to behold God in His infinite nature, to possess and enjoy Him. How could it do this if it did not contain something of the infinite power of God?”

“St. Thomas [Aquinas] says that ‘nothing is able to set limits to supernatural love [and the same may be said of grace], since it has its origin in the infinite power of God, and is itself nothing else but a participation in the sanctity of God.’ Certainly, the vessel which receives it is narrow and limited, but grace extends the capacity of our nature, and every measure of grace received qualifies it for a still greater measure; every degree of grace is a step leading to the next degree, so that the farther one progresses the higher is our ascent.”

“Every supernatural action performed in the state of grace, every moment utilized and made to bear fruit, merits another increase of grace from God; and it rests only with man to double this grace again in a short time, and the greater this increase of grace the greater also the merit of our works.”

“Grace gives an immense scope to our aims and desires, and yet leaves them the freest possible play. We have only to desire it in order to obtain it, and only to love its donor to receive it. By this ardent desire for grace, and of the love of our heavenly Father, we acquire all good gifts, and that according to the measure of our love and desire.”

“Oh that we were as eager to lay up treasures in heaven as we are to add to our possessions here below! The desire to acquire money is a source of endless disquietude, but a holy thirst for Divine grace leads us to an eternal rest in God, who will satisfy us the more in proportion to the greater love and desire we have had for Him on earth. Grace, moreover, permits us to enjoy our possessions on the way to that end, because at every step we make in our upward ascent we experience more and more how sweet is the Lord to those who serve Him and are of a right heart.”

Quotations from Alice Lady Lovat, The Marvels of Divine Grace: Meditations Based on the “Glories of Divine Grace” (Original Treatise by Fr. Nieremberg, S.J., Entitled “Del Aprecio y Estima de la Divina Gracia”) (London: R. & T. Washbourne, Ltd., 1917).

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